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Recent reviews from happy people

Wonderful bracelet.....

Emily S.

Bought for my Mom, she absolutely loves it.

Lesan W.

It was a special Gift for my daughter in-law since we lost my granson so that's why I got it for her and she loves it thank you for the bueatiful message on it that was perfect

Anita M.

I love it... its wroth the money I paid for it I would buy more

Connie S.

So pleased with it - am going to order one for my sister!

Gloria R.

I am happy with my purchase...I have a small wrist...am afraid if I bend to fit it will break...hope this doesn't happen...otherwise..satisfied with my bracelet..

Antoinette W.

I bought this for my adult daughter, that just lost her son due to an Aneurism in his brain. And she just loved the Pendant. Thank you so much, & you may never get a picture.

Janene I.
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